Sophie van Os, MA.

Sophie van Os is a PhD candidate for the NWO-funded VICI project ‘Redefining the Region: The Transnational Dimensions of Local Colour’. Her project titled ‘The Transnational Dimensions of the Region in European Illustrated Periodicals, 1842-1900’ examines the transnational dimensions of the region in European illustrated periodicals from the long nineteenth century.

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Culture at the Radboud University, Sophie went on to pursue a Master’s degree in European literature at the Radboud University. During her Masters, she specialised in literature of the Great Irish Famine and wrote her thesis on the representation of British nationalism and gender in the literary works of nineteenth-century female Irish authors. She currently teaches graduate courses and supervises Bachelor theses at the Radboud University, and is a researcher for the IWW Network, PhD Representative for RSVP, and the International (Europe) Representative for SSNCI.