Poster Presentation ESPRit 2021 Conference

In conjunction with the virtual 9th ESPRit Conference titled ‘Periodical Formats in the Market’, a virtual Postgraduate workshop was held on 11 June 2021. The aim of the workshop was to provide PhD candidates and early career researchers (ECRs) with the opportunity to present their projects (as part of the larger conference). In preparation of the workshop, all participants got a professional training on the concept of academic post design (15 April) and their effective presentation (22 April). An individual response to the final poster presentations was given by a committee consisting of ESPRit members and members of the DFG Research Unit 2288 Journal Literature.

The poster I created for this Postgraduate Workshop was a reflection, both visually and textually, of my PhD project. Having created my own illustrated conference newspaper titled the Bochum Observer (as the conference was originally set to take place in person in Germany), the poster mirrored the primary sources of my research (namely nineteenth-century European illustrated periodicals) and communicated some of the main objectives of my project. In this short poster presentation, I discussed the larger aims of my PhD project and its research outcomes, and shared some preliminary findings.

The poster and my personal page on the ESPRit 2021 Conference website, can still be found under: and

For an overall impression of the workshop and other attendees, see:

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